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An ideal meditation tool, Desert Roses can help to stay grounded and balanced, whilst encouraging spiritual connection.

Desert Roses are naturally created from Selenite, through wind, water, and sand and therefore holds similar properties to Selenite - such as the ability to cleanse and enhance other crystals. 

For the Solar Plexus chakra. Charge in the sunlight. Sourced from the Sahara. 

Be careful if you cleanse your desert rose as it's a soft mineral and could deteriorate if exposed to water.


Each crystal will arrive with a small, description card printed on recycled cotton paper within a cotton pouch.

You'll receive a single piece, intuitively picked for you. Whilst the images represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive, please note that each stone is unique and totally one of a kind so there will be variations. Each piece is approximately between 20- 30mm.

Each crystal is intentionally charged with reiki energy.

Is this a gift?

We can hand-write a gift note of your choice to include in the parcel. Just leave your message in the "notes" section by clicking "view cart" before checking out. 

Plant a tree

For every crystal sold, we will plant a tree via Ecologi. View our forest.


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