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The scent of the season for sun-saluting summer-lovers.

A limited edition summer unisex fragrance of just one hundred bottles. Blended under the light of the full flower moon and infused for one lunar cycle to enrich the fragrance profile.

Please note, as a limited edition release, August Nectar cannot be purchased using any discount codes.


Infused with Sunstone for joy, positivity and vitality, combined with a Red Jasper cap for grounding and confidence.


Masterfully blended and beautifully balanced, this sun-drenched potion harmonises the darker, heavier scents of musk and sensual blue cypress with the lighter, finer fragrances of citrus peel and provençal flowers.

Base notes of blue cypress — a pool of dark pleasure, cool waters and lilypads on the lake. Smoky, sultry and deep.

Mid-notes of musk and sweet spiced pink hinoki wood — the velvet fug of thunder and musk and summer storms. Sensual, full-bodied and primal.

Top notes of red mandarin — the pulse of desire, salt-drips of sweat down the back of the neck. Clean and sharp and tangy.


Hand-blended by Sophia Harding in the light of May’s full Flower Moon, our consciously sourced ingredients infuse the concoction for a 28-day lunar cycle, imbuing it with not only their rich and unique aromas but their potent energetic vibrations. Our small-batch approach ensures the utmost care and consideration, culminating in a perfume that is thoughtfully conceptualised, meticulously made, and inimitably complex.


Hinoki wood — according to ancient Japanese lore, the pink hinoki wood is considered a balm for tensions of the mind and is believed to shield against negative forces through creating an energetic safe space of security and protection.

Red mandarin — in certain parts of the world, this under-ripe citrus fruit is deemed auspicious and is gifted on the Chinese New Year to call in luck, good fortune and abundance.

Blue cypress — the colour of the throat chakra, blue cypress essential oil is deeply connected to the idea of speaking your truth and freedom of expression. Energetically, this energy centre is the home of communication, the origins of identity and sharing who you are and what you believe authentically.


Organic cane alcohol denat, parfum including organic essential oils. Naturally occurring allergens: limonene, linalool. 94% natural ingredients.

The Ritual

Shake, spritz, swoon.

To maintain the quality and depth within your fragrance, we recommend keeping your bottle in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. 

Plant A Tree

For every bottle sold, we will plant a tree via Ecologi.

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No words, only feeling

The best delivery to come home from Glastonbury to! I can’t express how many emotions this scent makes me feel. Calm and collected but also confident and grounded. It’s such a perfect balance between sensual and fresh. For me it smells like traipsing through a forest after it’s just rained, when the sun comes out and the afternoon is melting into magic hour. It’s the kind of thing I could wear on a hike and also out-out. Can’t stop smelling my wrist, what a beautiful scent.

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