The Muse Series: With Kara Rose Marshall of Tuftluck Studio

The Muse Series: With Kara Rose Marshall of Tuftluck Studio

Up next in the Muse Series we have Kara Rose Marshall – the founder and artist behind Tuftluck Studio, an art and homeware brand that takes inspiration from the earthy tones and fluid shapes of the Wild West.
The themes behind Kara’s range of beautifully textural, hand-tufted rugs and fluffy watercolours are a perfect example of how creating a sanctuary within your home can inspire and encourage little moments of sensorial self-care. 
You can shop Tuftluck here and visit the Tuftluck instagram here

Tuftluck Studio is loved for its handcrafted rug art inspired by old Western films and Seventies pop culture. How did the idea come about? How did marrying these two themes come about?

I think I naturally design things that I’ve seen and have fallen in love with. For example, I love the movie Gummo and thought the Bunny Boy would be amazing to tuft. I’ve always been drawn to the whole Western, rodeo, Texas-living image so I think I just design things that stand out to me.

For many, a creative outlet brings them peace and tranquility. When and where do you find your creativity flows best – is there a certain time of day or a place that you love to create?

Honestly it’s so meditative – I light a candle and create a calming space. I love painting before bed in particular. When you create something you’re super happy with you get a real fulfilling, happy feeling before you sleep.

You run Tuftluck Studio alongside being a mum. How do you make time for self care and what does that look like for you?

It’s so important to get my self-care time locked in – I put Duke, my son, down around 7pm, and then I always go run a bubble bath and totally switch off from the day. I am obsessed with candles, intense and oil burners – I feel aromas can totally change your mood. I also have a skin care routine that I do every evening.

What makes your home your sanctuary? What is it about homeware as an artform that appeals to you?

As I work from home, I feel like it’s a calming space, so I have lots of hand-knotted rugs and good lighting. I find lighting makes such a difference – it can really make a space uplifting or feel super calm. I love textures and anything shaggy and warm, so having art implied into something with texture gives me such joy.

What’s something you’ve learnt about yourself as an adult that you wish you could share with your younger self?

Just go for it and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Always be truthful to yourself – if you have a dream just go for it.

Is there anything you're reading, watching or listening to that you're finding particularly inspiring or helpful right now?

I’m reading Manifest by Roxie Nafousi – I’ve always been into manifesting even at a young age and it’s always worked for me. This is a refresh from the book The Secret. I’m also loving a band called Wet Leg, and Fontaine’s DC.

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